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call center promotii marketing direct
noutati si evenimente
   Fidelizarea clientilor in marketingul direct
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despre noi
drop mail, door drop, door to door, sampling

programs in companies, presentation of products, sample gifts, gathering/ fill in personal dates on coupons

"mysterious client" – programs in client networks, dealers, formulary fill in, offering prizes, raportation

taking over materials, warehousing, transporting all over the country

prizes distribution, cargo promotional materials, receipts, payments, notices, proof of delivery, emergency deliverys

fairs distribution materials, exhibitions, events

street/intersections/malls sampling, cars sampling

taking over, transport, materials handling

securized warehouse

auto fleet 6 vans 3,5 Tones, 10 pick-ups, scooters

wraps production, packings, wrapings, stickings

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